If you want to use the AIO Creator NEO on another PC, you will get access to all previously purchased plugins by entering your license key. But what about the created remote controls? Here’s how to back up your data so you can use all of your remote controls, including all device shortcuts, when reinstalling the AIO Creator NEO.

Remote control design and device database must be saved separately

To back up your created remote control to the mediola server, just upload the remote control to the server, as you do, for example, to transfer your remote control to a mobile device.

In order to save a  backup of your complete remote including the associated devices for use in the AIO Creator NEO on the mediola server, it is necessary to  perform two steps  :

1. Upload your remote control to the mediola server . This is done in the same way as when you transfer your remote control to the app. How to secure the remote control design for use in the AIO Creator NEO.

2. In addition, under the item Sync databases, upload your device database to the mediola server. This includes all information for staff involved in NEO devices, including for the remote control associated equipment .

The device database is usually stored on your PC, so you only need to upload the device database to the server if you want to back up your remote.

If you would like to open your remote control on another PC in the AIO Creator NEO, first download the remote control again (and with it the design of your remote control) and then additionally download the associated device database with “Sync databases”. Then click on “Open Remote Control” to enter the remote directly into NEO.

Why does uploading to the app work while I need to backup separately for the creator design and database?

AIO REMOTE NEO and AIO Creator NEO are two different systems. To use your remote control in the AIO REMOTE NEO app, uploading the remote control to the mediola server will create a compressed backup that is specific to this app . This is in addition to the design of the remote control and the device information received, so they can use the remote control in the app completely.

The AIO Creator NEO can not fully render this backup tailored to the app. This means that you only get the design when you download the remote control . Separating App and AIO Creator NEO software is important, otherwise you would overwrite your device database in the Creator each time you download your remote.

And if I do not want to sync the data through the cloud?

If you do not want to transfer your remote control via the mediola Cloud to your mobile devices, you can also transfer the created remote controls locally . You can find out how this works in our docu in the chapter Remote control transfer locally . It is important that in this case you always make a complete backup of your remote controls so that you can use both your remote controls and your databases on the new PC in the event of a computer change.


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