How to Get the Best Price Selling Your Mobile Phone

If you want to upgrade your mobile phone or are simply tired of your old one, there are many sites and ways you can get cash for your old phone. If you are wondering, how do I sell my mobile phone? You will be pleased to know that many web-based companies are willing to give you cash for it. All that is needed is the phone’s model and you will be given a quote.

What is Needed

It is good to know the types of phones that can be recycled. You are not guaranteed cash for just any old phone. To recycle your mobile phone, it needs to be in good working condition and minimal damage; it should turn on. If you want to get the highest price when you recycle your mobile phone, it would be wise to do minor repairs.

How to Sell

You might still be wondering- how will I sell my mobile. Well, once you have entered all the correct information, you will get a price quotation. Upon acceptance of the offer, a prepaid postage label for the phone will be sent to you and you can return it freepost. With most such firms, you get a free postage that insures your phone. However, some companies don’t offer any free postage and will deny any responsibility in case your phone doesn’t arrive.

You are usually required to send your phone charged and switched off. Also, you should remove the sim and memory cards and erase all the passwords present. Remember to scrape all private information before sending your phone. Once the firm gets your phone, they will communicate about the price they are willing to offer. If it is damaged, they will offer a reduced price, which you can accept or have your phone returned at a price.

Things to Consider

Before selling your phone, there are several things that you should do to safeguard yourself. They include:

• Reading trusted reviews on the company that intends to buy it
• Check out what opinions other people have on the firm
• Ensure the company has provided contact information like phone number and a complaint process
• Go through the small print to know the duration you have to accept or reject their quote and any expenses you might incur

Since there are many handsets recycling firms, you should ensure that you do a lot of comparison before selling your phone to get the best deal.

There are some things you should know about phone recycling. Some of them include:

• Once a new phone model gets released, the price of the previous generation drops drastically. With regard to this, it would be wise to look out for a trade-in price for your current phone in advance if you are looking to upgrade.
• The older the phone, the less its worth. If your phone is several years old, the best you can get is a free recycling.
• The condition of your old phone plays a big role in determining its worth. If it is in excellent condition, you are bound to get a better offer and vice versa.
• Colour matters a lot and each different one has a different value, so choose your shades wisely.

Other Ways to Sell Your iPhone

In-store trade-in programs are also great ways to recycle your mobile device. They are the easiest ways of getting money for your phone. All you need to do is take your old phone to such stores and leave it with them. They will offer you a gift card that is equivalent to your phone’s worth. You will then have to spend money where you trade your phone to get a new one.

There are also websites that bring buyers and sellers together. Here, you post your old iphone details and a photo with your quotation and a buyer who is interested gets to buy it. The good thing about such sites is that you get to dictate your price.