After purchasing a new mobile phone, many users are wondering how to transfer the previous contacts to your new phone. In this practical tip we show a simple way via Google contacts, which lets you quickly and easily synchronize the contacts.

Transfer contacts via Google

The easiest way to transfer contacts is via Google Contacts. With any Android smartphone, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account, so the two smartphones will access the same Google Contacts. To start a synchronization, you only have to activate it in the settings of the respective mobile phone. Proceed as follows:
  1. In the source device, start the contacts app. This is different depending on the manufacturer, but the synchronization behavior is the same: In the menu of the app, select either “Accounts” or “Synchronization” and enable synchronization with Google.
  2. Wait for the transfer to Google Contacts to complete. Depending on your internet connection and the number of contacts, this process takes a different amount of time.
  3. If you have not already, sign in to your new smartphone with your Google Account. You do this under “Settings” and “Account”.
  4. In the account overview in the settings, select the Google Account. Now click on your gmail address. The screen below lets you choose which services sync with your Google Account. Here you must put the hook with contacts.
  5. Go to the menu of the screen and click on “Sync Now”. After synchronization is complete, you will find your old contacts in the Contacts app.

Transfer contacts quickly with NFC – that’s how it works

If you only want to transfer a few contacts, this works best wirelessly with NFC. For this, both smartphones must support the Nahfunktechnik.
  • First, you need to turn on NFC in the settings of your smartphone. To do this, in the “Wireless & networks” and “More” area, activate “NFC”.
  • Now open the contacts app on the smartphone with the contacts and select a contact. If you now put both smartphones together with the back, Android Beam will open, while the contact view will be slightly smaller. With a tip on the contact you can copy it to the other smartphone.
  • Repeat the process for all desired contacts.

Transfer contacts via SIM card

If you change only the mobile phone but not the mobile service provider or the SIM card, your contacts can also be transferred to the SIM card.
  1. In the Contacts app, under “Menu”, select “Import / Export”. In the following menu you can save your contacts on your SIM card under the entry “Export to memory”. With a large number of contacts, however, this can lead to errors, because the storage space is very limited.
  2. Now change the SIM card and insert it into your new smartphone.
  3. Now proceed in the same way on your new smartphone as you did in step 1. However, instead of “Export to memory”, select “Import from memory”. Your contacts should now be completely transferred.



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