There is nothing quite as exciting as upgrading a smartphone to the newest model. The improved features, sleek design and overall aesthetics of new phones make them very desirable. In order to keep up with the competition, phone companies constantly create new models. Because these phone models are released in such quick succession, previous models instantly become outdated. Since there is no practical reason to have two phones, those interested in purchasing the new model have to get rid of their old one. Smartphones are simply too valuable to throw away as their components can be reused for other purposes. Here are some ways to recycle your old phone.

Apple GiveBack

Those living in the United Kingdom have access to one of the easiest methods for recycling a smartphone. Apple GiveBack is a program that seeks to reduce the amount of waste resulting from old smartphones. With new iPhone models being released on a regular basis, there are millions of models that are not being used. These users are looking for ways to get rid of their old models. This GiveBack program extends well beyond iPhones, as it accepts phones from all major producers including BlackBerry, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung and Sony. Apple will either reward the gesture with a gift card to their store or simply recycle the phone for free. The more valuable the phone that is recycled, the higher chance that one will receive store credit.

Get Paid to Recycle

Another great method for recycling a smartphone in the UK is with iPhone Recycling. The website will pay money for phones recycled through their platform. This method of recycling is limited to iPhones, iPods and iPads however. iPhone Recycling doesn’t currently accept any other smartphone models. The process for recycling through this website is fast and simple. Users can visit the iPhone Recycling website and type in the their device name or model. After hitting the ‘Quote Me’ button, a list of search results will appear. Users must choose their phone and offer some information regarding the condition of the phone. When all the information has been entered, a quote will reveal the amount of money that can be earned from recycling the phone. Another great feature of iPhone Recycling is that they offer same-day payment for a majority of iPhone models. Users can get over £100 for several different iPhones.

Recycling Any Smartphone

Mazuma is another website that will offer cash for recycled smartphones. The greatest advantage of Mazuma is that any brand is accepted. Unlike many other services that only accept recycled iPhones, Mazuma will recycle and offer a cash payment for several different phone brands. This website was actually rated the best Recycling Service in 2017. Those who want to recycle their smartphone through Mazuma can visit their website here. On the homepage, users can input the model of their phone or the IMEI number. The IMEI is a unique, 15-digit serial number that is used to mark every individual phone. After clicking the ‘Search’ button, users can then select their device and see how much money is being offered. If the trade-in seems worth the reward, users simply continue with the recycle and then receive payment. Mazuma offers same-day payment for smartphones that are recycled through their website.


For those not wishing to earn cash for their old phones, charities are always accepting smartphones to be reused. Many old phones function perfectly well and are only not in use because of the newer models that get released. Instead of recycling these functioning phones for parts, some users may wish to give the smartphone to another person. Donating an old smartphone to charity is one of the best ways to ensure that it gets to someone in need.

Don’t let those old smartphones pile up in a drawer or in the closet. There are several methods for recycling smartphones in the UK.



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