Apple users are known to be constantly looking for the latest devices on the market. Few people will stay with old iPads when updated ones are released. To make the purchase more affordable, you can consider selling your old one instead of letting it sit around the house. The best time to sell your iPad Air or iPad Pro is just before another model is released.

Unfortunately, Apple does not release the devices at regular intervals. This means you have to keep your ears open for any rumours of a new release. If you delay and the new device is taken to the market, you may have to sell your device at very low prices. This is because many people sell their devices when new ones are available.

To sell my Apple iPad, you will first have to enter the exact model of your device. This could be an iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, or any of the available Apple products. It does not matter whether your device is new or broken- they will still give you an initial quote. Once you find the best prices, you will only need to fill out the postal form and send the phone. The recycler will receive the iPad on the other end and send you the money for the device.

It is important to notify the recycler if the device is broken or new as this will influence their prices. In some cases, the recyclers will lower their prices if the device if it arrives broken and non-functional. You can consider repairing broken devices before sending them to the recyclers since they can lower your price significantly.

Which Recyclers Are Available on the Site?

There are many companies that recycle iPad devices in the UK. This is because the price comparison site has a strict vetting process for recycling companies. They also run regular checks on their recyclers to make sure they are all sticking to the principles of the comparison site.

All the iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPad Air devices are mailed to the recyclers, and any arising issue should first be handled by the companies that recycle iPad devices. The price comparison site can intervene and help you secure a fair deal after all the mailing has been done.

What Should You Do Before You Sell Your iPad Mini?

The first thing I would do before I sell my Apple iPad is to back up all my data. This is usually done automatically if you have a WIFI connection. You should, therefore, make sure your iPad Pro or iPad Mini is connected to a WIFI network. It should also be plugged into a power source. This is necessary for a manual backup since some data can be incomplete if the device happens to die. You can then launch the settings app and tap ‘This iPad’. At this point, you will be able to back up the device.


If you want to recycle iPad devices because they are broken or because you want to upgrade the model, you can look for the best price on Before you sell my Apple iPad device, be sure to back up your files. You can do this by turning on WIFI and letting it back up automatically. Alternatively, you can connect to a WIFI network and manually back up the device.


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