Buying a phone can be a bit hectic if you are not sure of where and how to find the right contractor. Here is how you find the best phone contract deals.

Hand in your notice to your previous mobile provider

For most contractors, one needs to give a 30 days’ notice prior to cancellation. The advantage of making sure you do so is that you give yourself a clear set time to look for a new contractor. Even better, once your current contractor notices that you are serious about moving, they might be willing to offer you that Mate 20 pro’s contract deal at a reasonable discounted price.

What does cash back guarantee mean?

Many mobile contractors are now offering cash back guarantees with no upfront cost on the latest phones such as Galaxy S10, Mate 20 pro, and iPhone XR. The trick here come in with the type of money back guarantee they offer. If the offer redemption cashback, this means that you have to provide all the necessary bills at different stages of your contract for you to get the cash back. It is easier to go for instant cash backs or use sites which offer cash back services.

Do your homework

The biggest mistake people make when moving to a different contractor is assuming that you know all you need to know because you saw a ‘no upfront cost’ sign. You need to compare prices and offers to make sure you are signing up for the best offers. For example, with a Samsung Galaxy S10 comes data offers that range 128GB and 512GB. One needs to make sure you are paying for a 512GB deal at the right price and not a 128GB at an exaggerated price.

Mobile phone Insurance

It will be a shame to brag about your new iPhone XR only to accidentally flash it in the toilet or get robbed. When buying a new phone, check whether the phone comes with a parent’s house or content insurance. If not, it is a good idea to look for an insurer and make sure you pay attention to the offers used. Sometimes some insurers are a bit hard to release a pay-out, and that is why you need to research on the most reliable phone insurers in the region. You will be glad you added the extra cost to secure your phone when something terrible happens to it.

Do not be afraid to bargain for a better deal

Many people are too scared to ask for what they want when looking for a good phone contract. However, good dealers may be willing to give one a discount especially if you have been a faithful user for a while or the contractor is looking to sign up new users.

Speaking up may be what earns you a great deal. In some companies, there are discount offers that are revealed only to people who are keen enough to ask a bit more questions.


Deals used by many phone contracts are well calculated to make sure there is a positive swing that serves both the user and the contractor. Compare My Mobile will help you get a new phone and plan that is pocket-friendly and within your expectations. One can opt to go sim only as well. Either way, you owe it to yourself to get the best offers.


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