If you have an old iPhone 6s 16GB laying around, it would be smart to consider selling it. Selling your used iPhone 6s will give you a great opportunity to earn extra cash easily. In today’s world, Apple products are very popular. Many consumers look to purchase Apple products each and every day because of their great reputation. After reading this article, you will have a strong understanding on how you should sell your iPhone 6s.


Before selling your iPhone 6s 16GB, you should take a look at what your competitors are selling. The iPhone 6s comes in the colors of rose gold, gold, silver, and space gray. In addition to this, the iPhone 6s also has different storage sizes. The smallest storage size is 16GB. After 16GB comes 64GB, followed by 128GB. Naturally, iPhones with higher storage sizes typically hold a higher resale value. To ensure that you’re being fair to consumers, be sure to check the pricing of your competitors to be sure that your iPhone is priced correctly.


It is also important to check the overall condition of your iPhone before trying to sell it. Since you are selling a used electronic device, it is important to be very clear with consumers when it comes to describing the condition your iPhone 6s. Usually when used items are being sold, the condition of the item is rated as excellent, good, or fair. An excellent iPhone is an iPhone that does not have any visible scuffs or cracks. In addition, an excellent iPhone should work correctly 100% of the time. An iPhone that is in good condition is an iPhone with visible minor scuffs. Additionally, an iPhone in good condition should function well regularly. Lastly, an iPhone in fair condition usually has significant cracks. An iPhone in fair condition probably would only function well sometimes. Your profit could change significantly, depending on what condition your iPhone is in.


Choosing an appropriate price to sell your used iPhone at is more important than you may think. Consumers are always looking for bargains. The price of your iPhone should ensure you receive an appropriate profit. The price of your iPhone should also make consumers feel like they got an amazing deal. At this time, an iPhone 6s 16GB is being sold at about €180. In addition to making sure that your iPhone is priced appropriately, it is also important to use the perfect website when selling the device.

Online Marketing

It is best to sell your iPhone on an online second hand retail store. The reason for this is because you will have 24 hour customer service support if needed. Second hand retail stores also will generate an accurate comparison to similar models that are being sold by you. Some of the most known online retail shops are Amazon, eBay, and Second Hand Phones. All of these websites are a great way to sell your device. These sites ensure that you have maximum support.

If you are looking for a more independent way to sell your iPhone, then you should consider a website like iOffer. iOffer is a site that allows sellers to sell items of their choice free of charge on their website. However, iOffer does not help sellers complete transactions. Instead, buyers and sellers are encouraged to meet in a public location to complete the transaction.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, selling your used iPhone is an amazing way to generate extra income. It is important that you decide proper pricing for your iPhone before marketing it. It is also important that you choose to sell your iPhone on a site that meets your needs. Before completing the sale of your iPhone, please make sure that you complete a factory reset on the device. Completing a factory reset on your iPhone will help you significantly. A factory reset will ensure that the buyer of your iPhone won’t have any of your personal information!


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