A door is among the most visible parts of a house’s interior. Consequently, they deserve careful attention. Buying the right door will guarantee durability and soundproofing between rooms. It also provides a chance to add a touch of your style and taste to the house.

Internal doors come in several designs and configurations. Manufacturers also use several materials to make these doors. Therefore, choosing the right door for your home can be a daunting task. Here is a quick guide that will simplify the task.

What Is the Type of Construction?

Interior doors come in two main types of constructions, flush and panel doors. Flush doors are the most common with flat smooth painted or stained surface. They blend easily with most interiors. You can opt for hollow core or solid core flush doors. While hollow doors are lightweight and cost-effective, they are not very durable. They are also not as sound proof as solid ones.

Panel doors comprise of horizontal rails with vertical wood panels or glass panes. The construction is standard with solid wood doors or timber as it minimises warping and shrinking of the wood. Most of them are more expensive than flush doors.

What Is Your Style?

Consider how you wish the door to blend with the interior surroundings of your house. Furniture, flooring, wall decorations, and staircase are some of the items to factor in. They do not have to match. You can choose to make the doors a stand out feature in your interior design.

You can create your style or go with the most common ones. For example, the flush door is a good choice if your home’s interior is contemporary. Panelled internal doors are an excellent choice for traditional designs though you can still use its contemporary styles.

A Professional Carpenter

The quality of the interior door you get depends mostly on the expertise of the person making it. Established manufacturers such as Todd Doors have a vast experience in different door styles.

Should You Buy a Door or a Door Set?

Buying a door implies only the door leaf. A door set, on the other hand, includes the door leaf, door lining, frame, hinges, latches, locks, and sometimes the handle. Buying the whole package cost effective and saves time on fitting. However, it might not be a wise option if you are doing renovation or home improvements.

When Are You Making the Decision?

The decision on the choice of internal doors can be made at the design stage or when doing the house finishing. Deciding at the design is stage is advisable as it provides a lot of room for changes and provision when doing walls.

What Is the Size of the Door?

The standard internal doors are 1 3/8 inches thick and 6 feet and 8 inches tall. Bathroom and closet rooms are always 24 inches wide, but they can be up to 36 inches wide. You can order for a customised door if your pathway is larger or smaller than the standard one.

The Types of Doors

Interior doors come in four common types. The standard one is the hinged door, and they come with a very basic framework. Folding doors are a good alternative in areas where swinging doors might seem awkward. Other door options include bypass doors, wall-mount barn doors, and pocket doors.

What Is Your Budget?

You should reconcile your desires with your financial ability to meet them. You do not have to break a bank to furnish your house with a stylish interior door.


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